Bridal Bedazzle

bridal beautyIf you’re not much of a makeup person- and even if you are- you should think about hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day.  Pros can give you picture-perfect make up that has staying power.  When Jessica Stallo, a bride approached me for recommendations on makeup we decided to visit Steve Moore of The Moore Agency.  Moore is a veteran in the bridal industry and just keeps getting better.  Not only does The Moore Agency specialize in bridal makeup and hair but is also known for makeup for runways and print campaigns promising “red carpet” looks for any occasion.

One of the most important things in a brides mind is how she will look for her big day.  As soon as Jessica became engaged she started pondering how she would look and scoured through bridal and beauty publications for ideas.  Jessica came armed with her bridal notebook with over 10 pages of examples of the look she was going for.  Steve’s advice was “find a model that looks like you, with your skin tone and let’s go from there, I have Asian girls who bring me photos of Jessica Simpson and want hair like that.” “It’s not going to happen” says Moore.   Keep in mind that this is not the time to start experimenting; you want an enhanced version of your everyday self.

“If anything I just want to look stunning, my dress is so simple that I want to stand out whether it is my eyes or hair”, states Jessica.  As Steve learns the details of the wedding he recommends a “convertible” hair style.  We learned that a convertible hair style is one which has more than one look.

“With the recession we have had to come up with more economical options for our clients.   For the ceremony we can do a soft up-do and assemble with pins, a clip etc. then after the ceremony the bride can just slip the pins out creating a different look” says Moore.  Pins and embellishments are the new thing and Steve highly recommends flowers or feathers.feather

Q.   How far in advance should you do waxing?

A.   Final waxing should be the week prior to the wedding.  DON’T try new people two weeks prior to the wedding.

Q.   What do you think of airbrush makeup?

A.   We use it for fashion shoots or runway.  Its great on ethnic skins but Caucasians don’t do well with it.

Q.   What about Lash Extensions or how can I accentuate my eyes?eyelash extensions

A.   Lash extensions can be worn for three months and attach to your lashes but make sure you find the rigperson to do them.  Individual lashes are not good for the day of the wedding because you have to put at least five per eye to make a difference.  Steve prefers a track of false lashes for weddings.  These are the ones you see in the drug store and most of the people don’t know that they are numbered for certain eye shapes.  “The ones I use are 53, 117 and 119 because they are the most believable and work on all eye types,” says Moore.

Q.  I was told not to wear a foundation with SPF, is this true?

A.   SPF’s are not good for the day of the wedding because they carry titanium or paba and reflect light and photographers have a hard time capturing your beauty.  With mineral foundations it’s not ground up enough and is in a powder form and still reflects.

Q.   Will I need touch ups throughout my wedding?

A.    What your touch up is going to be is your lip.  If you are doing a gloss of course you are going to have to touch up more.  If you use a primer your make up will stay longer and not need touch ups.

opi bridal polishDon’t forget your nails.  OPI carries a line of nail colors, Fairtytale Bride for every bride who wants to feel beautiful & cherished on her wedding day- or any day!  These are exceptionally dreamy shades that let a woman add a touch of romance to her day and give her the chance to feel even more beautiful.

Jessica and I both left our meeting with Steve more informed make up and how to achieve the look she was looking for on her wedding day.  No matter how small your budget do put aside monies for a professional makeup artist.  Keep in mind, there’s lots of pictures to be taken on your big day and a professional makeup artist knows the best makeup tricks to help you better emphasize your smile, your eyes, etc. for photos.