Everything is GREEN these days…

Mums | I Do Events AtlantaNot only is it the middle of summer and green all around us but it seems that everyone wants to go green or eco-friendly.  A  bride whose getting married  in Kentucky this fall on her horse farm desires  to plan an event that is eco-friendly.  The left over food will be given to a shelter, in lieu of gifts donations will be made to the Sierra Club.  For flowers she has requested that all be able to be replanted on their 300 acre farm.  This is a little overwhelming for me so where do I go… Foxgloves & Ivy Floral Design Studio in Atlanta.   Foxgloves & Ivy  is all about being green, as Atlanta’s only green florist they incorporate green policies and techniques into their designs.

Larry, co-owner of Foxgloves & Ivy helped me figure it out within the hour.   Remember, my goal is to incorporate the five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.  So we got to work and here’s the result.  For smell oregano, rosemary, lavender, parsley,sage, basil or mint.  For touch lambs ear is the ticket;  sight – mums (button, Fuji or spider) kale, cabbage, sunflowers or any seasonal color, taste guest can pinch off the mint for the cocktails or the parsley to clean the palate. Hearing was the easiest to accomplish: the inherent sounds of Mother nature from the neighing of the horses, who all will be wearing organic garlands, may even let loose a sneeze or two.

Horses | I Do Events AtlantaNow this is all well and good for the reception but what about the ceremony?  Ask for flowers that are from growers who practice Fair Trade and a use non harmful fertilizers or chemical products.  Church flowers can be left for next days services so other people can enjoy them and then they can become compost material.

As I was leaving the shop Greg the head designer chased after me “Elizabeth don’t forget the herb stevia you can use it on the sorbet or dessert.  Its a natural sweetener.”   Greg don’t step on the caterers toes!  That’s Greg…. always thinking and wanting the last word.