Is your wedding “Made in America?”

By: Colby V. Creasman

Over the past few years many American companies have outsourced their businesses and manufacturing to other foreign nations. The companies participating did this to cut costs, but mainly to cut their wages expense. Wages in other nations are a lot cheaper than those here in our homeland. Many US jobs were lost to the increase of outsourcing the US Companies without taking their employees with the move. The employees here were left without a job and income which help lead to the economic downturn. Since the end of The Great Recession the US economy just recently experienced, there has been a weak comeback of lowering the US unemployment rate.

Have you heard of “Made in America”? It is a movement brought to you by Diane Sawyer of ABC News to encourage purchases made by all consumers to be “Made in America” to put American companies on top and hire our unemployed ( ).  You can choose any type of purchases to start buying only products that are made in the US such as clothing, furniture, construction products, gifts, etc. I Do Events is challenging YOU to make your wedding a product of the USA.

You can start with the purchase of your dress. This website has a listing of over 20 designers, including the extraordinary Vera Wang, who design and make their wedding gowns all here in the United States, the direct link is: It isn’t a complete outfit without the shoes to match the dress; specializes in making all types of custom wedding shoes from heels to flip-flops that are made in the USA. You can order them online customizing the type of heel and color to match the length and color of the dress just for you.  And before the wedding is the proposal and to go along with the proposal the perfect ring is needed. The Wedding Rings by Oromi Company makes all their rings and bands in the US. You can view their selection of rings at: For listings of invitations, favors, and flowers take a look at:

We wish you happy shopping in all the 50 states of The United States of America!

Made USA

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