It’s Pajama Party Time!

As seen in The Laurel Magazine, August 2011 Edition.

It's Pajama Party Time!Sometimes you just want to put on your flannel gown, slippers and stay in…even on a Saturday night. 

At other times you may want to enjoy all the luxuries of staying in, but in the company of friends.  That is when you need to pull out the PJ’s and have an adult girlfriend’s celebration, a Leopard PJ party.  Where women come together and support each other and perhaps return (temporarily) to the days of their adolescence.  Attendees spend the night and enjoy a bathrobe brunch the next morning. 

Rules are that everyone must wear something leopard, leopard slippers, leopard belt, leopard hat, you have the picture.  Don’t be afraid to decorate the table in leopard by bringing in ferns or other greenery to create your playground for your leopard.  Michael’s even sells leopard duct tape.  Leopard is everywhere, in clothing, linens and paper products.  Eat, drink, play cards, bring in someone to perform manicures and pedicures. 

Have everyone bring a dish and of course with leopard involved, Leopard Tea

(Long Island Ice Tea), Leopard Pie (butterscotch with an Oreo crust, hence colors of the leopard).  With gourmet treats and martinis, it definitely is not your tween’s slumber party.  It makes you feel like you are 13 but you are really 45 – well, maybe a little older. 

Ask around, and you might be surprised at the number of women having pajama parties.  Think of it as girls’ night out, only in. 

Sleepovers are great because you can stay up all night.  No one’s in a hurry.  It brings you closer, because it’s a reminder that these people are there for you, like they always have been. 

What happens at a pajama party for grown-up girls?  Maybe the same thing that happened 20 years ago. 

Or not.

Then Now
Stay up all night. Stay up all night.
Make prank phone calls (didn’t have caller ID then). Reconnect with friends.
Talk about boys. Talk about husbands, boyfriends and of course ex’s.
Hope teenage boys will crash the party. Hope teenage boys can’t find you.
Use Ouija board to learn answers to life’s great questions. Google Deepak Chopra.
Try on everyone else’s clothes. Shop online for the latest deals.
Experiment with make-up. Talk about botox and other options for looking young.

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