Mad Hattery

As seen in The Laurel Magazine, April 2011 Edition.

Mad HatteryGood hair day or bad hair day, hats are here to stay.  Hat culture remains alive and well; just ask Kate Middleton who is known to have a hat fetish.  Bets are on as to what type of headpiece will adorn her head on April 29th, 2011 when she marries Prince William at Westminster Abbey. 

When I was young, Easter was my favorite holiday as I was assured that I would get a new hat for Easter Sunday services.  Easter hats are a celebration of the holiday as well as a way to welcome the coming season of Spring.  Easter was the day when hats in spring colors blossomed, yellow, peach, mint, lilac, pink.  Even if the weather wasn’t cooperating, the hats came out.  Jonna McDowell, owner of Spoiled Rotten in Highlands says “I always wore a hat and liked my hat better than my Easter dress, so when I opened a store, hats were always an important accessory.” 

Hats have been around since the beginning of history.  The Apostle, Paul, decreed that women needed to cover their heads while attending church.  The Catholic Church dropped this decree in 1967.  During the Middle Ages it was deemed inappropriate for a woman to be bareheaded in public.  Most women observed this until the 1960s.  If you have a penchant for hats Vintage Lolli Belle is a line of handmade vintage style hats, each representing a small design project, and one-of-a kind creation guaranteed to turn a head or two.  Vintage Lolli Belle co-owner Terri Hobbs says, “After the brief revolt period of weekly salon visits, we have a new generation of women who love hats.  Wearing a hat means no more bad hair days…just great hat days!” 

Although the world has gotten much more casual in the intervening decades, and sadly, hats are far less ubiquitous, hat culture remains alive and well, and wearing them takes a bundle of attitude and self-esteem.  In fashion terms, hats are a very noticeable accessory because the onlooker’s attention is first drawn to the face.  A hat is the most noticeable fashion item anyone can wear.  The old saying goes, “If you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat!”

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