Take the Party Outside

As seen in The Laurel Magazine, July 2011 Edition.

Take the Party OutsideIt’s summertime……the perfect time for a party.  Breezy summer evenings are the perfect time to throw a party.  The days are longer and there is usually more time to spend with family and friends.  Summertime always makes me reminisce about the days of my youth.  My family would bring out the Kingsford charcoal briquettes and we knew what was in store, barbecued chicken, corn on the cob, dripping in melted butter and mac and cheese.  Of course we could not have a barbecue without watermelon.  Pitchers of margaritas are great but any frozen, fruity beverage will do. 

To throw successful summertime parties remember that ambiance plays a major role in the success of any party.  Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits are a pleasant way to add warmth as well as ambiance.  Patio heaters will also keep your guests enjoying the summer nights.  Have on hand big indoor cushions and light blankets to provide increased comfort for your guests after the sun sets. 

Be prepared for the arrival of garden pests.  Citronella candles or citronella tiki torches are good at keeping bugs away.  Remember to cover food, especially the meat and sweet drinks on the table to protect from pesky invaders.  A nice touch is to keep bactine, insect repellant and other necessities in a basket in the bathroom that is visible to your guest. 

Linen tablecloths and white china are elegant touches when surrounded with the fragrances of summer flowers in full bloom.  Top off your table with clippings from your garden, but make sure the arrangement isn’t too high so your guests can easily see each other.  Once the sun goes down candles, miniature white lights, or hanging paper lanterns will add a relaxed note. 

For the best barbecuing recipes Weber’s Art of the Grill is a must.  The book is easy to follow, the recipes utilize fresh, quality ingredients, and the pictures are outstanding – you know exactly how your creation should look.  Mouth-watering recipes are included for beef, poultry, fish, vegetable side dishes, vegetarian entrees, and desserts.  Easy to make, yet incredibly delicious and your guest will leave raving about the party.  What more could a hostess or host want?

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