Token of Appreciation

Gift BagsThe wedding is rapidly approaching and you need a gift to show your appreciation to your guest who have traveled to help celebrate your upcoming union.  Gift bags are a nice way to spread the happiness and cheer that surrounds the wedding.

Wedding favors have transformed over the years into wedding guest gift bags for many types of weddings, especially for destination weddings where guests will enjoy activities before the wedding. Whether you’re giving gift bags to your destination wedding guests or simply thanking guests for sharing your one special day, uncover a few ideas to help you put together wedding gift bags your guests will never forget.

Bag ThatFirst think of a theme for the bags.  If it is a beach wedding consider using a beach bag with your initials and fill the contents with sunscreen lotion, aloe lotion, lip sunscreen and bottled water.  Or if the event is in the mountains, hiking or waterfall maps, bug repellant or granola bars for a hiking trip.  Many brides try to personalize the contents of the bag to represent their likes or hometown.  Recently a bride from Maryland had crab seasoned potato chips and Goo Goo Bars from her fiancé’s hometown of Nashville.  Regional products that represent the area are also a nice touch.  If your wedding is in Ohio, or you or your fiancé are from Ohio, consider using a Longaberger basket (  Coca Cola is a popular item for Atlanta, peaches for South Carolina or maple syrup for Vermont.  Now is your time to get creative and create a welcome bag that  will show your guest how much you appreciate them taking the time and money to come to the wedding.

Tote BagIt’s nice to always include an itinerary for the weekend for easy reference as well as maps of the area and local attractions for their perusal.  Include items that will come in handy during the current season. Include a pair of cheap flip flops or sunglasses if you are getting married during the summer on the beach. Include lip balm or a pair of gloves for a winter wedding. Include a small umbrella for a spring wedding. Include a rain poncho for a fall wedding.

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