Window Shopping, A World Wide Joy

As seen in The Laurel Magazine, October 2011 Edition.

Window Shopping, A World Wide JoyWindow shopping is a fun and inexpensive pastime enjoyed by people all over the world. 

The process involves walking through a shopping district or mall with the express purpose of looking at the window displays for each retail store in the area.  People may choose to window shop as a way to pass the time, get ideas for displays that can be used at home, or to collect some inspiration for future gift giving. 

I remember my Grandmother wearing a hat and strolling around the town square looking in all the storefront windows before lunch.  It was what you did in those days.  It was no-cost entertaining. 

A stroll through Highlands peering in all the windows is still a pleasant afternoon diversion.  McCulley’s is a huge draw for me and I can just stand outside and peer in the windows enjoying the wide array of color and how they are assembled together. 

Main Street is a Highlands landmark, but a walk up any city’s shopping avenue makes for an entertaining and easy on the pocket book afternoon. 

Take your out-of-town visitors on a walking tour of Highlands’ shopping district.  Or pack your bags and bring your hubby or best friend for a stroll down one of these: Newbury Street in Boston; Maiden Lane in San Francisco; Worth Avenue in Palm Beach; Lincoln Road in Miami; North Michigan Avenue “Magnificent Mile” in Chicago; Fifth Avenue in New York City; And Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. 

There’s also my personal favorite street for window shopping — Fifth Avenue in New York City.  Try to arrange a trip during Fashion Week the windows feature miniature runways inspired by the Fashion Weeks themed shows.  If that does not fit into your calendar, Christmas is the next best option. 

As a veteran practitioner of Retail Therapy, I’ve assembled five tips for a power shop.  Have a strategy, make a list of your favorite stores or the stores that you would like to visit and set a time limit.

1)     Clothes Shopping?  Wear something easy to slip on and off and the proper undergarments.

2)     If you’re Interior Shopping, bring fabric swatches and take photos of your current room and try to imagine the new item in your home.

3)     Bring along a camera (if your cell phone doesn’t have one, slip a digital camera in your purse).

4)     Make sure your purse is small and lightweight but be sure to include your wallet.

5)     Carefully pick out your shoes – comfort wins out over style when you have a day of power shopping ahead of you.

End your power window shopping with a well-deserved R&R.  Enjoy a nice tea at Hummingbirds.  Over tea discuss which of the many treasures you’ve seen that really calls to you.  Then go back and buy just that one thing.

After all, you deserve it.

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