I Do Favorites

I Do Events highly recommends the following professionals:


La Raines Bridal Boutique
Website:  www.larainesboutique.com
Phone Number:  (404) 607-7444
La Raines Bridal Boutique
Anne Barge at Guffey’s
Website:  www.Guffeys.com
Phone Number:  (404) 873-8076 
Anne Barge


Foxgloves and Ivy Floral Design Studio
Contact:  Larry Hammack
Email:  larry@foxgloves.biz
Website:  www.foxglovesweddings.com
Phone Number:  (404) 892-7272
Foxgloves and Ivy Floral Design Studio
Oakleaf Flower & Garden
Contact:  Kirk Moore
Email: oakleaf@oldedwardsinn.com
Phone Number:  (828) 526-8000


The Bascom
Contact:  Claire Ladensack
Email:  cladensack@thebascom.org
Website:  www.thebascom.org
Phone Number:  (828) 526-4949
The Bascom

High Hampton Inn
Contact:  groupsales@highhamptoninn.com
Website:  www.highhamptoninn.com
Phone Number:  (800) 334-2551

high hampton inn

Inn at Blackberry Farm
Contact: Ashley Glander
Email:  aglander@blackberryfarm.com
Website:  www.blackberryfarm.com
Phone Number:  (865) 380-2260

Inn at Blackberry Farm

The Greystone Inn
Contact:  Clark Lovelace
Email:  clovelace@greystoneinn.com
Website:   www.greystoneinn.com
Phone Number:  (800) 824-5766

Old Edwards Inn
Contact:  Tracey Brandes
Email:  tbrandes@oldedwardsinn.com
Website:  www.oldedwardsinn.com
Phone Number:  (828) 787-2607 
Old Edwards Inn

Paper Trousseau

Reaves Engraving, Inc
Contact:  Page Pratt
Email:  lpp@reavesengraving.com
Website:  www.reavesengraving.com
Phone Number:  (910) 610-4265
Reaves Engraving


Beall + Thomas Photography
Contact:  Ashley Glander
Email:  heatheranne@beallandthomas.com
Website:  www.beallandthomas.com
Phone Number:  (865) 380-2623
Beall + Thomas Photography
Joseph Aczel Photography
Contact:  Joseph Aczel
Email:  josephaczel@yahoo.com
Website:  www.aczelweddings.com
Phone Number:  (404) 543-5573
Joseph Aczel Photography
R. Wicker Galleries
Contact:  Robert Wicker
Website:  www.robertwicker.com
R Wicker Galleries
Tina Rowden Photographer
Email:  info@tinarowden.com
Website:  www.tinarowden.com
Phone Number:  (404) 944-3284
Tina Rowden Photographer

Rental Companies

BBJ Linens
Contact:  Ken Krom
Email:  kkrom@bbjlinen.com
Website:  www.bbjlinen.com
Phone Number:  (404) 875-8788 ext 61110
BBJ Linens
Creative Tables Specialty Linens
Contact:  Valerie Levin
Email:  info@creatuve-tables.com
Website:  www.creative-tables.com
Phone Number:  (770) 992-1113
Creative Tables Specialty Linens
Mountain Party Tents and Events
Contact:  Jackie Hernandez
Email:  jackie@mountainpartytents.com
Website:  www.mountainpartytents.com
Phone Number:  (828) 743-9030
Mountain Party Tents Events
Four Inch Fold – Vintage Rentals
Contact:  Mao Thao
Email:  fourinchfold@gmail.com
Website:  www.fourinchfold.blogspot.com/
Phone Number:  (770) 617-2788
Four Inch Fold